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About Sizawe Community

Sizawe is a system our team has worked so hard to build the most refined helping community on which you can blindly rely on. It is the safest and most advanced system which you can access from our intuitive cloud based dashboard and BOT technology. Along with the safety, we have also invested best of our efforts to provide you growth up to 100% of your investment.

Join the community to get access to the best experience of the helping system, and it's unique features.


Risk- Free community

Your investment is completely safe in our secure system. Sizawe is handled by our security experts to keep it Risk-Free for you.


Growth upto 100%

You can earn more than double of your investment in the community. Sizawe is the most rewarding community you can join.


HI-Tech System

Sizawe is available in two advance and easy to use system. You can grow on our most secure website and hi-tech Sizawe Bot

  • Sizawe has again built my confidence on Helping Community
    — Hoang
  • Sizawe is secured, easy to use and pays good amount of returns
    — Ryan
  • Sizawe proves that helping others to grow is the best way to grow yourself.
    — Nurul

Intuitive Cloud Based Dashboard

High technology backed cloud dashboard

Track your growth on our beautifully designed and easy to use system.

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Advanced Bot System


meet our secured and intelligent bot

You can chat with Sizawe Bot by using the messaging app TELEGRAM to track, invest, grow and withdraw on the go.

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How It Works


Provide Help

When you provide help to a community member, it will take as your investment and the growth will start generating on that help instantly after paying your 20% of commitment amount


Get Growth

This is where the magic happens when you request to Get Help, Sizawe will add up your growth in that withdrawal, which can be up to 100%.


Get Help

When you need your investment back you raise a request to Get Help, and simply a community member helps you like you did.

Get Exceptional Growth

  • Affiliate Income

    When a person will become a member from your referral link, you will earn 5% commission on their first commitment amount and further re-commitments.

  • Volunteer

    When your downline team becomes of minimum 10 members you will earn 1% commission on each member's commitment from the 1st level.

  • Saviour

    When your downline team becomes of 100 members , you will earn 1% commission on each member's commitment from 2nd and 3rd level respectively.

  • Rescuer

    When your downline team becomes of 1000 members , you will earn 1% commission on each member's commitment from 4th and 5th level respectively.

  • Role Model

    When your team becomes of more than 10000 members you will earn 0.05% on each member's commitment to unlimited depth.

You have potentials to achieve the immense success. That's why we have kept the growth on Sizawe limitless. Join the community and start building your team now.